Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

5 More days to Enter

Only 5 days left to enter! Valentine’s Day Giveaway

What a Valentine’s Day giveaway….what better gift than the gift of a living legacy of yourself or someone you love.

Grandma’s favorite stories growing up, her secret “recipe”, grandpa’s jokes to cherish forever, family history, stories of their kids, wishes, what they overcame and the joys they shared. What a legacy to continue from those you love the most. Let us help you create your own family legacy to passdown.

What I would give to hear my dad’s voice again, to hear him call me by my nickname, tell me about his dog that would play dead when he said “bang bang”. These are things to treasure forever.

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I’m so excited to help one lucky winner capture something so special and personal for their family. It could be you…but you have to comment on our post on facebook and like our page. Extra point for joining us on instagram!

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