Digitizing Photos

Leaving a legacy

Leaving a Legacy

a challenge to start your own “legacy” I will be the first to tell you I am not a writer. I have three kiddos and I’ll be honest. I completely FAILED at writing in baby books. My heart was there but with a little one and a husband deployed…those monthly writings in the baby book did not happen. I did manage 6 months of writing for kiddo one…that was it. Mom failure (and thats ok). …

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Displaying children's artwork and reducing clutter

Preserving children’s artwork

Turning Clutter to Cherished Memories I love when my children give me something they have drawn. The best thing is seeing their pride in what they created and right on the fridge it goes…..this is where the problem starts. Is anyone else like our family? We receive the school artwork, the artwork from home, papers they are proud of….times 3. My poor fridge can only hold so much. I will admit sometimes it gets torn, …

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Unexpected journey of Bertha

Reclaimed Memories

Join us for the latest at Reclaimed Memories The latest events, stories, and tidbits of all things photo organizing, digitizing, scanning and estate collections at Reclaiming Memories: An Unexpected Journey Some photographs are extra special. One recent photograph that came in led us on a fun and unexpected journey in the past. The photography immediately captred my attention due to the wonderful clothing style of the little girl. My curiosity and photo detective skills then …

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Photo clutter? lets declutter

Are your photos cluttered and a BIG mess? Are your photos in albums taking over all your storage space, do you have boxes packed in closets, or old albums that stack high? I know the feeling. As a photographer, photos are so important to me. I do not want to get rid of my photos…but what on earth do I do with them. I’m here to help you. In losing several in my family, I …

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Why hire a photo organizer?

Follow my presentation to learn more about what a photo organizer does and why you should hire a photo organizer. Why hire a photo organizer? You may have never heard of a photo organizer, or maybe you are searching for someone to help you with your family legacy. Why should you hire a photo organizer? As a photographer, I was PASSIONATE about photos but it took loosing most of my family to see the importance …

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Planning for Graduation!!

Senior Year is so exciting!…and did we mention a little overwhelming. We spend so much time Planning..from outfits, Senior Pictures, college searches, all the EVENTS…and then finally GRADUATION DAY! As a photographer…I can help you with the photos, the memory book, invitations, and more. Join us this weekend for a free event focused on all PHOTO things for GRADUATION. It’s a free event. Sign up from the link below. For those with upcoming Seniors..this is …

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Photo Restoration

Think your most prized photos are safe….think again.
In a recent project we were working on…the albums had done a lot of damage on photographs. We often do not take care of what should be taken care of ..first and for most…our history.
Our loved ones are gone and what remains are the photos stored away. Old photo albums lead to yellowing, stuck with glue photos that will soon become torn or damaged in trying to remove. Mold, water leaks…are we thinking about those photos yet?? I know I am..it’s my job.
Our most special photos can be restored by a professional photo organizer.
What photos are you thinking about….grandparents, great grandparents, war photos.
Lets see what we can do to help save your family history.