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video preservation

Digitizing VHS tapes

We are so excited to be able to offer video preservation. We have so many to ask us if we can preserve their old VHS. The answer is YES!

VHS tapes do have a “shelf” life. If you have old VHS tapes…the “shelf” life is running out. Not a scare tactic, but yes videos do deteriorate over time. We are past the 20 year mark on them.

Discover your VHS memories hidden away.
Discover your forgotten memories from VHS tapes

What VHS tapes do you have sitting around?…your wedding, your children, school plays, family get togethers? Now is the time to start preserving those video tapes if you have not already. I have so many customers that are so excited to be able to see the “hidden gems” they haven’t seen in years. We are happy to say “Yes we can help!”

The best advice we can give for those with video tapes is to go ahead and get them preserved. If you have a lot…just start a few at a time. Having a starting so much better than loosing video due to further age. In the meantime, think about where you are currently storing the old technology. Videos do damage with high heat, moisture, ect. Make sure to not aid the aging process by storing them in the wrong conditions. Lets get them out of the attics or the basements. I have several that find out tapes from family in storage units, sheds, garages. Heat does impact them. Some even with moisture damage. The best bet is to start the conversion process and then free up that storage space. You no longer need all the “extra” stuff to store once they are digitized! Thats another plus…freeing up space.

The future of video…

Now lets talk about the “next generation.” I honestly feel our “tech savy” generation is missing out. I do wonder…what memories will we be preserving for our children. Yikes! How you may ask?…because with the ease of technology so much is left on a phone. We take video of our children daily…but how much are we backing up (in case that cloud goes down). So much to think about. The same with photos…How much do we actually print? I am just as guilty as anyone else. Think about it…we can take as many photos in one day on our phones as our grandparents did in a year. So which is better? I’ll be honest..some days I wonder.

Here’s the challenge….

Video Challenge: take a few minutes to collect those videos you haven’t watched in years. You may be suprised what “treasures” you will rediscover and the memories of family members gone by.

Photo Challenge: each “payday” pick your best 20 photos to print from the past two weeks. We do not need EVERY SINGLE PHOTO. Think about what you care to remember in 20 years…thats what you print. I am holding myself to this challenge as well.

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Printing your photos