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photo digitizing, restoration & preservation

Preserve your History

Photo digitizing, restoration, and preservation

Reclaimed Memories is here to assist you in all your photo needs. We are hear to help individuals and estates to preserve their most important “family history” to be preserved.

We work with a state of the art company to store all your digitized photographs, albums, and other media after digitizing. This allows you to be able to easily share it with others and know that it is safely preserved and up to date files. 

Preserving your photos, allows peace of mind to know your memories are backed up and not deteriorating or lost. Schedule a consultation for your most priceless memories and history.


Photo albums deteriorate over time. Many old albums ruin photos by sticking to the album. Age, yellowing, water damage, mold, limited space, ect are all reasons to digitize your photos. 

Personal life story

“When a person dies, their story dies. “

Those are strong words. Create a lasting legacy with a “Life Story” film.  Every person has a story worth telling. Make sure your story is passed on for others to hear. 



The death of our loved ones, often leaves us with splitting our most valuable possessions. We work with estates to help preserve their family history so everyone can have a copy.

About us

photo organizing with a passion for saving your history and memories


deteriorating albums

stacks of photos and

start the journey now..."once they are gone, their story dies too."

Living history film

live historical film

Living History Films are one of our favorite items to offer. A person recently told me, “once a person dies, their story is gone too.” 

Set up a Living History Film for you or a loved one. This is a one on one film allowing the customer to tell their greatest stories, family history, wisdom, jokes…it’s moments you cannot get back and a treasure to pass on.

Check our upcoming blog to see some snippets of this wonderful treasure.

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