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Photo clutter? lets declutter

Are your photos cluttered and a BIG mess? Are your photos in albums taking over all your storage space, do you have boxes packed in closets, or old albums that stack high? I know the feeling. As a photographer, photos are so important to me. I do not want to get rid of my photos…but what on earth do I do with them. I’m here to help you. In losing several in my family, I […]

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Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

5 More days to Enter What a Valentine’s Day giveaway….what better gift than the gift of a living legacy of yourself or someone you love. Grandma’s favorite stories growing up, her secret “recipe”, grandpa’s jokes to cherish forever, family history, stories of their kids, wishes, what they overcame and the joys they shared. What a legacy to continue from those you love the most. Let us help you create your own family legacy to passdown.

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New years goals…

A New Year is often the time to make tremendous goals for the New Year (eeek…I try to think big picture on those).We all want to aim to achieve so much in the next year. Here’s the thing. Change requires starting somewhere. In losing my family to goal because my family history. All of a sudden everyone had died and all we had left was a mountain of photo albums I knew nothing about.

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