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Unexpected journey of Bertha

Reclaimed Memories

Join us for the latest at Reclaimed Memories The latest events, stories, and tidbits of all things photo organizing, digitizing, scanning and estate collections at Reclaiming Memories: An Unexpected Journey Some photographs are extra special. One recent photograph that came in led us on a fun and unexpected journey in the past. The photography immediately captred my attention due to the wonderful clothing style of the little girl. My curiosity and photo detective skills then […]

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Why hire a photo organizer?

Follow my presentation to learn more about what a photo organizer does and why you should hire a photo organizer. Why hire a photo organizer? You may have never heard of a photo organizer, or maybe you are searching for someone to help you with your family legacy. Why should you hire a photo organizer? As a photographer, I was PASSIONATE about photos but it took loosing most of my family to see the importance

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New years goals…

A New Year is often the time to make tremendous goals for the New Year (eeek…I try to think big picture on those).We all want to aim to achieve so much in the next year. Here’s the thing. Change requires starting somewhere. In losing my family to goal because my family history. All of a sudden everyone had died and all we had left was a mountain of photo albums I knew nothing about.

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Welcome to Reclaimed Memories

Welcome! If you’ve made it to our page then I know your family history is important to you. We are so glad you have joined our blog. Follow along with us, as we talk about the importance of photo organizing. We hope this helps you begin the journey with your own family project. Feel free to schedule a consultation. We would love to help you start the process of preserving your photo albums, videos, and

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