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Are you a momma like me…with TONS of your kiddos artwork, school papers, writing samples?… Declutter with our artwork scanning service.

There’s nothing I love more than to see my kiddos creative work. With three kiddos…it then becomes a challenge of how do I store this. The result turns into clutter. The file folders soon become very full and so do the organizational boxes. My daughters first year of school. I put everthing in a tupperware box…it was full within the first year…Yikes..then you have stacks of tupperware boxes or file folders buldging at the seems. What about the awkward size artwork…that there just isn’t a place for?

There is nothing more important to me than seeing my kids artwork because it was quickly becoming hard to manage. You can scan it yourself, but equipment and time is expensive and time consuming. Let us help you with that. Join our Artwork Monthly Service. We would love to help you manage your children’s artwork and declutter to make better use of your space and storage.

How can you handle all the artwork:

  1. Organize all the paper: weed out whats not important and send in your monthly artwork and important school papers, ect to scan.
  2. Let us help you find storage to meet your needs and to be out of sight and out of mind.
  3. Clear out those tubs and files…less is more!
  4. Let us help you create a special book to showcase your special memories (optional).

Life sometimes just needs to be simplified. Let us help simplify all the special artwork and memories and help you turn it into something manageable and clutter free! Let us help you maintain the memories and value with a clutter free system.

Let us help you take care of that problem. Contact me via facebook or our webpage

Artwork Scanning Service…from clutter to organized!